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Hamilton de Holanda - Bandolim 10 cordas - Música Acústica Brasileira do Choro ao Jazz




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Hamilton de Holanda & Joel Nascimento - From Mandolim to Mandolim

July.2009 | Discs


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Tu passaste por este jardim [+ INFO]

(Catulo da Paixão Cearense e Alfredo Dutra)

Gotas de ouro [+ INFO]

(Ernesto Nazareth)

Os cinco companheiros [+ INFO]


Falta-me você [+ INFO]

(Jacob do Bandolim)

Por una cabeza [+ INFO]

(Carlos Gardel e Alfredo Le Pera)

Concerto para Bandolim e Orquestra II Movimento [+ INFO]

(Radamés Gnattali)

Chorale Prelude Num Komm der Heilland Adagio [+ INFO]

(J. S. Bach)

Concerto para 2 Bandolins em G II Movimento [+ INFO]

(A. Vivaldi)

Sonatina em C menor [+ INFO]

(L. van Beethoven)

O bom filho à casa torna [+ INFO]

(Bonfiglio de Oliveira)

Hamilton de Holanda & Joel Nascimento - From Mandolim to Mandolim

This disc was born in the most spontaneous and natural as possible. Neither I nor Joel remember when or why. Indeed, the initial idea was from "the master" Joel. He says it was mine. And so it went throughout the process. First we had to look for a place. We are between the right and serious, like a large studio in Rio de Janeiro or somewhere to breathe with us, somewhere we had the freedom to arrive at any time, and would be musical. We set up a studio in a friend's house and Sergio Jairo, a place that has hosted major tocatas. Were there: Golden Era - with Dino and Cesar Farias - Déo Rian, Jonas Cavaco, Beth Carvalho, Luiz Eça, Six, among others. They say that until Jacob goes through there once in a while ... The place was chosen.

Then the repertório.W e would have to record some Choro? Not necessarily. In fact, we find that the repertoire was not as important as it looks like, as i look back, I think up weird. What we wanted was to find touch, include those special moments. For my part, I live with the master, seeing him play to understand how a man who is considered deaf, hear so well.

"The genius of Hamilton unleashed magical moments that made me hear better during the recordings. Resigned and am happy to have something that Beethoven in mim.Concluimos "OF A MANDOLIN MANDOLIN, name inspired by the phrase" HEART TO HEART "together resulting in an exchange beats sound of notes showing that simpilcidade is also music. It's kind of a trocaralho Cadilhe the poetic. "Say`s Joel Nascimento.


Label: Brasilianos

Produced by Hamilton de Holanda & Marcos Portinari